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Host a Ride

Host a Ride!

Step 1) Fill out the Host Form below to host a ride and choose an alternate host in case of a scheduling conflict. **Submit form one week prior to the ride please.

Step 2) Complete the Ride Attendance Sheet that you bring to the trailhead. Please confirm that all riders are members or invite them to join. Guests must sign a Liability Release.

Step 3) You must read aloud the Trail Safety Guidelines sheet prior to the ride.

Step 4) When hosting a ride, use the Equipment Sign Out Sheet to sign out trail clearing equipment. It’s a good idea to carry with you a saw (of some version) in case you come across a log on the trail. Don’t ride around it…be a role model and cut it!. 🙂

Step 5) To host, you must have or sign out a saw, GPS emergency communication device or Garmin Mini 2 and a first aid kit. Use the Equipment Sign Out Sheet to use this equipment.

Step 6) At home, after the ride, the host needs to submit the online Ride Attendance Sheet.

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