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Mountain Fog

Welcome to our community of horse enthusiasts! Our mission is to enhance the use, care, and development of California's backcountry trails and campsites. Creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for riders to come together and explore the outdoors. No matter your level of expertise, we invite you to join us on our next adventure.

Who we are. 
Why should you Join Us?

  • Be involved in group trail rides expanding over multiple counties and in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

  • Attend group trail rides with local organizations. 

  • Help keep open trail systems open for the horseback riding community. 

  • Fun group horse camping. 

  • Get involved with local horse events.

  • Team up with the National Forest Service. 

  • Maintain over 50 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. 

  • Our area of coverage includes Pacific Crest Trail, Bucks Lake Wilderness, Plumas National Forest and much much more.. 

Meet the Board of Directors


Gary Paul


Coming Soon


Vice President

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Marlene Rold



Jacki Sandquist

Member Director

Trail in Woods

Trail Clearing


Maintaining Trails

horse camping.jpg

Horse Camping

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Sawyer Training


Trail Riding


Packing in Gear

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